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Other Curriculum Areas:


PS 748 believes that children learn best when explicit connections are made between content area instruction and the arts. Our Visual Arts Teacher supports our curriculum by providing Arts instruction that is connected to the content. Students research artists relative to the time period they are studying and learn about artistic styles and contributions to art. Students create similar works that mirror the artists style for their portfolio. For example, our second grade studies a unit on cities and architecture which integrates Social Studies and Math. Student create pastel "cityscapes" using geometric shapes. Our third grade classes extend their study of Africa by creating miniature African masks in clay using geometric shapes, exaggerated features, and patterns of lines and dots.


Our Music program is enriched by a digital keyboard lab which we acquired through a VH-1 grant. Students in grades 3-5 have the opportunity to learn to play the keyboard while learning musical notes and the beginning of reading music. Students in Kindergarten are exposed to creative movement and learn early childhood songs which support them in the development and sophistication of the English Language. Students in grades 1&2 learn to play the recorder. The music program in supplemented by the Quaver Music Program which teaches students about music history, different genres of music and famous composers. We have a culminating celebration annually in December where all students can showcase their musical talent.


All students benefit from our licensed Physical Education instructor who services students in our Fitness Center. The Fitness Center is five years new to PS 748 and was secured through a grant through School Facilities because our school building did not have a gymnasium. Staff members at PS 748 understand the value of movement and physical education and implement exercises into daily instruction using "Move to Improve" and Gonoodle.com. Students are instructed in health and nutrition by both their classroom teachers and the Physical Education Teacher. In addition, we implement the BIC (Breakfast in Classrooms) program and were selected as an Ambassador School, which models best practices in providing students with a healthy breakfast while finding creative ways to utilize this instructional time.


Students in our Gifted and Talented classes receive instruction in Spanish as a Foreign Language and all students in grades 2-5 receive instruction in Technology. Our goal for technology is for students to acquire, refine and expand their knowledge and use of the internet, word processing skills, and Microsoft Office programs such as Excel. Students in grades K-2 have access to iPads within the classrooms while students in grades 3-5 utilize Macbooks. As part of our vision to educate the "whole child", we employ the School-Wide Enrichment Model (SEM) for students in grades K-3. The SEM is designed to expose students to "new interests" to prepare them for an ever-changing world while allowing them to express themselves in unique ways. The enrichment program is offered in cycles throughout the school year. Each student is given a preference sheet where they can choose a program. Our programs are selected based on the varying interests and talents of our staff as well as student interest. Our SEM has evolved into Academies in grades 4 & 5 which includes a rigorous enrichment curriculum with courses such as Forensic Detectives, Future Engineers Academy, and Family and Consumer Sciences. Over the last two years, we have purchased and implemented a Lego Robotics program. Students in grades 2-5 create, build and power simple machines. This enrichment is open to all students and has become an integral part of our instructional program.


Most recently, our teachers have attended a professional development workshop on Coding and have turn-keyed the content to colleagues on their grade. Currently, students in our after school program take a coding class. In April, May and June, students in grades 3-5 will launch their coding unit within the school day. We also have an academic and performing arts after school program provided by our partnership with a Community Based Organization (CBO) called the Federation of Italian American Organization (FIAO). Through this CBO, we are able to provide free after school, five days a week for our families. Providing students with a seamless day has supported our students with necessary academic skills and knowledge while enriching their school experience through the performing arts. We have put on plays the past three years such as Annie, The Wizard of Oz, and we are currently preparing a production of Peter Pan.