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Take a look at the 2nd Grade Then and Now Museum!

Students ride a horse and buggy they built for the museum!
Students ride a horse and buggy they built for the museum!

Four students are riding the on the steam engine they built for the museum.
Taking a ride on a steam engine!

We see inside a one room school house that students built. We can see the desk with quills and a slate, as well as a coal stove.
Inside a one room school house!

Parents and students are reading informational posters telling all about the artifacts they built in the museum.

Three girls are smiling and having fun taking a ride on the steam engine that was built in class.

A child and his mom take a ride in a replica of a car from long ago that was built with cardboard and paper.

A student's writing is displayed explaining what a wood burning stove is and how it was used.  It says: The materials I used were cotton, boxes, paper, taple and glue. This handmade wood burning stove was used to keep the room warm. They used wood for the stove.

We can see inside the one room school house built by students using paper and boxes. In the school house we see a teacher by her desk. We also see a student's desk with quill pen and slate, as well as a piano in the room.
Inside a one room school house! Can you spot the quills, slate, piano and the teacher?

Student writing is displayed by a replica of a building. The writing says: This handmade school house is from long ago. This is where students would go to learn. The school house is one big classroom with children of all ages.

Inside a one room school house. We can see a cupboard, student and teacher desks with quill pens and a slate. We also see a large abacus that was used for math.

Student writing and a handmade horn book are shown in the picture. The writing says: This handmade horn book is from long age. Horn book was ake of wood. The horn book holds one paper. Today we us a clipboard.
Take a look and read about a Horn Book!

Student writing about a slate is displayed. The writing is unclear. We can see a slate signed by members of our school community using chalk.

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