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Wacky Week Continues with Wacky Hat and Wacky Hair Days!

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Ms. Annio and Ms. Guido in pink and blue wigs for Wacky Hair Day
Ms. Annio and Ms. Guido Celebrate Wacky Hair Day!

A first grade student with spiked hair on Wacky Hair Day!
Kingsley and his Wacky Hair!

1st grader celebrates Wacky Hair Day in a long wig.

A 2nd grader holds up Green Eggs and Ham signs to celebrate Dr. Seuss!

Student in a purple witch's hat for Crazy Hat Day!

2nd grader in monkey hat holding Dr. Seuss sign

2nd grader celebrating Dr. Seuss with a Lorax mustache

2nd grader holding up Green Eggs and Ham signs

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