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The first day of school is Thursday, September 5th!

Welcome to P.S. 748

P.S. 748 is a K-5 public school located in Brooklyn, New York. 

To learn more about our school's mission and vision, visit our
"About Us" page.

National Blue Ribbon Schools 2017 Logo

2018 Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School

P.S. 748 was recognized in 2018 as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Lighthouse School.


Enrichment Opportunities

 Midori and Friends

PS 748 has collaborated with Midori and Friends for the past 10 years with the goal to bring music education, appreciation and access to live performances to all of our students.  Programs designed for both during the school day and after-school include instrument instruction such as the ukulele and percussion, a songwriters residency, and performances by the Kaoru and Watanabe Taiku Center and the Villa Lobos Brothers have provided opportunities for our school community to interact, learn and enjoy music from around the world.  

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Math Olympiads

Students in grades three to five are invited to take part in a lunchtime Mathematics challenge.  Each week students meet to engage in friendly challenges that instill a love and appreciation of Math, along with introducing them to challenging concepts, use their problem solving skills and practice perseverance to solve multi step problems. Certificates, trophies and pins are awarded to students at the end of the year to celebrate their time and commitment to Mathematics.  

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Science Olympiads

Students who have a natural curiosity in Science are given the opportunity to engage in STEAM tasks and activities that advance student thinking and encourage exploration, designing, building and problem solving with real world issues. Students meet during lunch and join District 20 in a friendly competition and celebration at their Science Olympiad and STEAM Expo events. 

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Spelling Bee

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Student Government

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Kindness Committee 

PS 748 students truly love the Spelling Bee. Beginning in their classrooms, students engage in rounds of spelling that will eventually designate a winner for their individual class.  From there, grade level winners in third, fourth and fifth grade will participate in a school-wide Spelling Bee in front of their families and peers. Our first and second place winners will go on to the District 20 Spelling Bee with the hopes of competing on the citywide, state and national levels. 

Our 5th Grade students are encouraged each year to apply for a position on our student government. After they write and deliver a speech to a panel of teachers explaining their leadership abilities, candidates are selected to run for either President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Aligned with Election Day, students learn how the election process works as candidates campaign, debate and run for office. Their peers participate in the voting process and select the student officers who they feel will best represent the school community.  Voice matters and PS 748 students exercise their right to vote! 

Fifth Grade Candidates that have not been voted into office are invited to join the Kindness Committee.  This committee works hand in hand with our Student Government to plan school-wide events and participate in fundraisers for the good of the community.  Through their Snack Shack Sales, the Kindness Committee has raised thousands of dollars for Relay for Life.  In addition, they plan food drives for local shelters, collect household items for organizations such as Grandma’s Love and Wounded Warriors and spread kindness to our student body through kindness cards and spirit days throughout the year.  

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We are proud to partner with the Arthur Miller Foundation, bringing a Theater Residency Program to our school.  Students learn to develop an appreciation for theater through building competency of ensemble performance and collaboration through story-telling and musical theater. Together with our Theater teacher, a teaching fellow from the Foundation assists students during class as they prepare for a culminating performance. 

Through a federally funded program, PS 748 provides students in Grades 1-5 with a 4-day after-school experience that includes homework help and opportunity to practice healthy habits. After students complete their homework, they take part in collaborative activities with their peers in activities such as art, theater and production, games and sports.  

P.S.748 Owls!

Ms. Annio and Ms. Guido congratulate the Owl. Our 1st school mascot!
10 students are standing in a row on the stage. They have just finished giving speeches for the mascot election. Therre are red, white and blue ballons. The students are holding a sign that says, "Speak your mind even if your voice shakes."
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Online Educational Activities for Students


Online leveled learning for math and reading. Students should login using their regular classroom logins.

RAZ Kids and Kids A-Z

Leveled reading resources. Includes reading and comprehension checks. Login using the teacher username.


Books that can be read aloud. This site has a variety of levels and genres.



Books turned into movies. Currently offering free resources using the link provided here.


Leveled reading resources available for free with parent created login.


Free educational games for all subjects and grades.

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